Institutional Shareholder Services Recommends a Vote Against
Spin-Off Proposal

In previous announcements, Unisys employees were told about an
upcoming vote by Unisys stockholders on a non-binding proposal,
which proposes that Unisys spin off its three businesses into
three separate, publicly traded companies.

Unisys Chairman and CEO Jim Unruh urged employee stockholders to
vote against the spin-off proposal, as recommended by the Board
of Directors.

The latest recommendation has come from Institutional Shareholder
Services (ISS), the nation's leading independent proxy advisory
firm, which also has recommended that stockholders vote "against"
the spin-off proposal.

The ISS advice to its clients said," . . . separation of any of
these units would be far too risky to the company's overall
performance and growth potential.  Accordingly, we believe that
shareholders' interests would be best served by allowing
management to continue implementation of its restructuring plan."

Previously, Unisys News reported that financial analysts agree
that Unisys success depends on strong implementation of the new
three businesses/one company structure.  Specifically, The Wall
Street Journal captured this sentiment stating, "Analysts didn't
give the proposal much chance of passing a shareholder vote.  'My
bet would be that the investors are going to understand that they
have to leave this company alone right now,' said Jay Stevens of
Dean Witter Reynolds, Inc."

In a report issued on April 8, Don Young of Lehman Brothers said,
"We view this proposal as unrealistic due to the operating
synergy between the three units."

Because the decision is so important to the company and its
shareholders, Unisys is continuing to bring the issue to the
attention of all stockholders.  If employee stockholders need a
proxy card to vote, or change their vote, contact The Office of
the Corporate Secretary at Net2 423-4042, 215-986-4042.